Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Quick Sketches

Thought of sharing a few of my sketchings from papers and diaries...Likely to be called "Quick Sketches" for they were just Sketches than to be called Drawings

"Swords of Strength"

A sketch that should have taken not more than 5 min..  

"Night Watchman"

That was when I was gazing the beautiful glowing moon..wanted to sketch one and came this 5 min sketch in my diary..dreaming on the moonlight

 "Sculptures of Love"

A quick sketch..Pen and ink on paper..Its a pretty small sketch..not able to present here with better clarity..

"When I had a chance to go back to school"

I have participated a few art contests,but this one was different..
A different kind of a drawing competetion altogeather...
The name of the contest was "Back to school drawing competetion"
We were asked to sketch like kids do,the time alloted was 30 min.

My favorite sport..Soccer was the theme I chose among the others like My birthday party,On a vacation etc.,

Was happy that I grabbed the first place...Thats the proof for i am still the best kid of my time!!
Look at the crowd below that cheered for me!!

"Its Christmas Time"

A simple sketch of jesus in cross.. Sketched on a mathematics class in college...

"Mobile?! Immobile??!"

A quick live drawing sketch  ...

"Dreams gone Wild"

When memories are the only treasures to look back...

"Wind Biking"

A fast sketch of a real biking experience ...

Quick sketch... Pen on paper..

"All Around"

That was a random drawing .. People... Yet another fast sketch..

 The Flimstones Bush...

                                                                 Just a scribbling...


                                                                     Heart Breakid...

Yet to find a few more sketches... To be updated shortly...

1 comment:

Nithya said...

Its a nice quick walk back of your random works. :)

All of them look way brilliant and its really hard to believe that it was done so quickly. Magical fingers you have got. :)

Sword of strength is the best. Looks perfect. Even with just basic details, the roughness of the face and mood is rightly drawn.

The moon watch pic looks cute and It reminds me of the song New york nagaram. :)

When I had a chance to go back to school is super good. The concept of the competition is really exciting and lovely.
The theme is rightly produced in your art and no wonder you won it.

Jesus picture moved me too. The pain is so evident in the pic.

Mobile??? immobile?? is a cute caption.

Thinking of you is superb. The idea of leaving the subject white and coloring the background is really nice.

Wind biking looks cool. I like the helmet the best, nice shading.

Faith pic is awesome. the strokes are random yet interesting.

Keep it going. :)