Monday, July 13, 2009

Its been quite sometime with pencil art now and I was more into colors.This time I am back with my favorite medium of art..Pencil Drawing..!

"Breaking Away The Barriers" as I would like to name this sketch..
A Graphite Pencil Sketch on Chart 33"x46"


Work In Progress.. Day 1




The Finished work after a weeks time..




Left with my small pencil and the finished drawing.

The Earth is alive with sounds and people, all working towards a common goal... LIFE
How did we get here..
Are'nt we like insects tangled in the webs of giant Spiders that sense our fear and hunt us like prey?
Tangled in this mess of web,Life don't belong here..
Feel like I just never tried to find a way back to the outside by simply... Breaking Away The Barriers!


Nithya said...

Awesome.. It has come out so well.

The drawing is so self explanatory and amazing. :)

Do break your barriers too and I am sure you would reach the top of the world someday.

Truly magical fingers.

G U A P Y said...

Muy bueno,me gusta.

drawing pencil sketches said...

Very nice I love it keep it up.Welcome to Drawing Pencil Sketches

drawing pencil sketches said...

Its very and wonderful love it keep it up.